Programa de Arte Dramático


Programa de Arte DramáticoFrom his inner world, from his emotions, and through Dramatic Art, the student makes contact with the reality surrounding him through theater, learning interpretation, corporal expression and voice. He develops his imagination and creativity from the infant level, starting at the age of 3, and up to adulthood, through the elementary and professional levels.

The program in general seeks to:

  • Develop corporal expression
  • Increase the student’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop the ability to make decisions and resolve conflicts
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Exercise the imagination as a starting point to reach creativity
  • Elevate the collective over the individual. To promote teamwork
  • Help the student to form his own scale of values
  • Learn to undertake
  • Promote the formation of aesthetic criteria
  • Develop a sense of responsibility
  • Learn to manage one's feelings and to empathize with those of others
  • Learn the elements that make up the theatrical structure
  • Encourage enjoyment through reading
  • Generate sensitivity and interest in culture and art

Programa de Arte DramáticoThe program consists of the following structure of levels and workshops (within the curriculum, it is important to note that it is not essential to have completed any level prior to the one you wish to study).


  • Infant Level I (Introduction to Dramatic Play)
  • Infant Level II (Introduction to Dramatic Art)
  • Elementary Level (Dramatic Art I)
  • Elementary Level (Dramatic Art II)
  • Elementary Level (Dramatic Art III)
  • Professional Level



  • Musical Theater Workshop
  • Theater Workshop for Parents and Children
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Storytelling workshop for parents and children - Initiation to public speaking in public, in family
  • Theater Acrobatics Workshop
  • Workshop on Introduction to Action in front of the Camera
  • Scriptwriting Workshop for Theater, Film and Television
  • Scenic Design workshop. Scenography of any scenic space


Programa de Arte DramáticoPrograma de Arte Dramático